• Jollibee is coming to the UK


    With no bias at all, I should say the Mascot of Jollibee is more appealing than that of McDonald's. Jollibee is the Philippine's dominant fastfood and has outlets expanding to the different countries in Asia to North America, Middleeast and now in Europe bringing the taste of sweet spaghetti which most Filipinos love to eat. With Jollibee coming over to the UK, this just adds to Filipino expats impression of the UK-a home away from home!

  • I Met Royals. What About You?

    Prince Leopold & Princess Claire of Belgium

    I just realized how fortunate I am after the "Wedding of the Century" of Prince William and Princess Kate of England. Not everybody has the chance to meet Royals and having even just a bit of conversation with the Royals is somewhat an unbelievable experience. In my journey, I met the Royals of Belgium, Prince Laurent and Princess Claire.

    Like most common people, I am also curious how Royals live. I am waiting still to receive an invitation from Prince Laurent and Princess Claire (or from any of the Royals. t0o much illusion is hallucination lolzzz!) they may tAKE me to the Palace hahaha. Surely, if this will come true, it would be a headline in my country that Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses are not just myth.

    Did you meet any Royals too? What it was like?

    The Belgian Monarchy

  • Pursuant of a legal action to a crime a witness won't testify

    In the context of the Philippine judicial system, somehow it is confusing the way it works. We all agree that witnesses are very important to indict a suspect to a crime he is accused of. But what if the witness doesn't testify? Would it mean absolute dismissal of the case? If then, there will be no justice served. And what is alarming is that the criminals will always do the same again and again as there are no formal charges filed against them that the police cannot have the warrant to arrest. The victim is willing to file a case but is useless because any of the witnesses won't cooperate. More so, it is the law enforcer who discouraged her to pursue the complaint for the reason that no other person would testify.

    An example was an incident that happened in Cagayan de Oro City last January 14, 2010 at the Vamenta Street, more or less 3 o'clock in the afternoon. A young lady, 20 years old, while riding a jeepney her necklace was stolen. Fortunately, to where the suspect ran is the place where the lady is supposed to go. As he ran, the lady followed him asked those people in that place who was that man running, so she recognized him as certain blahblahblah. What else proved the identity of the suspect is that the lady's necklace was recovered from a resident in the area. As that resident had been asked, she further identified that same person named blahblahblah was the one who left the said necklace to her. For what business why it was in her is no longer the concern. The important is that the necklace was recovered and the suspect's identity is very obvious.

    Not later than two hours after the incident, the lady went to the police precinct and blottered the incident. On the next day in the morning at about nine at the said police station, the lady went in there again to formally file a complaint against the suspect, the police on duty said that the case cannot be filed unless there is one who will testify. And it is very disappointing that no one is willing to serve as a witness. So, no case has been filed against the suspect who is accused as well to a number of the same crime in the place. The police authority according to them, they cannot arrest the him for there is no case filed. Isn't it ridiculous?

  • My trip to Paris

    Paris, France

    Travelling abroad is one of my biggest dreams! I could'nt believe it came true. I am not rich, definitely not. I am just blessed!

    Knowing how the other people live in some parts of the world is very life-enriching that help me appreciate more that life is indeed beautiful.

  • So Where is Filipino Hospitality?

    Before when I haven't had travelled overseasit wa s my impression that we are the most hospitable people in the world. In my journey here in Brussels most Filipinos are/were not welcoming so sad that everytime they meet Pinoys they have changed they're language to French or Dutch. What is the reason? They would simply ignore you after you smiled at them...huhuh so painful. Maybe they came here illegally so they better are careful I do not know.

  • About Belgium, For What Should Everybody Know

    Friends I am in Brussels right now and have lots of stories to tell. What a wonderful experience I have in here. Very incredible I should say! This is my first time travellin' abroad and never felt alienated in here. Belgians are such very welcoming people:):):), very accommodating. This three months stay will forever be my worth-remembering memory in a foreign land. One lesson learned, never judge people as you see them outwardly. I have committed this very big mistake. When I be back home, lots of good stories to tell then.

  • I am leaving for Brussels, Belgium in September this year

    This is my first time to travel abroad. Anybody here from Brussels? Coz I never know anyone there huhuhhhh.I need your thoughts about the place, the culture, anything....:)

  • Assistance in Establishing the Guinabsan Community Library

    To all my friends from the United states, I am asking for your assistance regarding the establishment of our Guinabsan Community Library. Below is the reply sent to me from the International Book Project Foundation. I shall be very glad if you are willing to help realize this project. Please send me your contact information through this email add: or better you may directly contact the IBP office regarding this matter. Your assistance will definitely help make better change to our community.

    International Book Project, Inc.
    1440 Delaware Avenue
    Lexington, Kentucky 40505
    (859) 254-6771
    (859) 253-2293 (fax)

  • I am now a Licensed Librarian....hehe...

    Thnx God I passed the Licensure Examination for Librarians. Can you guess who am I in the list? I would be very glad if you can guess right. Just check it out friendz!

    Clue: Surname consists of 5 letters, first name 6 letters. But what about my middle initial? well, its has two other different sounds in the alphabet.

    2007 Librarians' Board Exam Results

  • I miss you my friends!

    This blogsite is very dear to me. I found friends of different races and different languages from different countries.

    Friends, hopefully I can become a Pro subscriber before the month of June 2007 ends. Hope to meet you all soon again. If you might be interested to know more about my Country and particularly Mindanao, hopefully through my blog you will get informed even just a little and me too will learn from yours.

    I made a personal homepage but still needs more improvement and more articles and pages to be inputted. I created this after my last post in this blogsite. I am planning to make pages of profiles of the different cities and provinces here in Mindanao there in my homepage.
    Best regards,


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